Ultimate Elvis Tribute Show

Matt Stone is a nationally acclaimed Singer, Musician, Entertainer, and Multi-Award Winning Elvis Tribute Artist. Since first hearing “Jailhouse Rock” at age 13, Matt has been hooked on all things Elvis, studying hours a day to master the voice, look, and persona of the King! Audiences often accuse him of lip-syncing, but no, that’s his voice! Fans have said:

“Matt is real. He has captured the charisma and charm of Elvis but his charm is his own and that separates him from all the others, He is a real gentleman with deep respect for others, He is more than an impersonator….This young man cares deeply for good music.” – Amanda Kato

Simply amazing! You must see to believe! Great voice and stage presence! Love this boy! You will not be disappointed!!!” – Lisa Lucey

“Puts his heart into every song. Did the research. Knows all about Elvis. Great voice and great moves” – Mary Ellen Doria Grebner

“I HAVE SEEN HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of Elvis Tribute Artists in my day, and none compare to the natural magnetism of Matt Stone! I met Elvis numerous times in my life, one of the original fan club members, and I have seen Elvis live over 20 times! When I first saw Matt I said “You know I never thought I’d see that face again.” He looks just like him, damn that boy is the best! I go see Matt every week now at a restaurant locally, and every week he gets better and better! THE KING IS BACK!” – George Goldstein

“Incredible!! The magic he is making on stage has blown my mind! Hire him, he will not let you down. He is the best ever, nobody can quite do the King like him. And how authentic he is blows my mind as well. Some guys sing the songs but obviously don’t really watch Elvis, they perform the songs more the way they want to more than the way Elvis did, wearing a very cheesy costume, doing the stereotypical “thank ya very much”. But Matt’s suits are beautifully crafted, just like Elvis’s elaborate outfits. And his moves are perfect. If I put a side by side of Matt and Elvis doing the same song, it’s be like watching a mirror. When Elvis leans over Matt leans over. When matt goes down and lifts his hand, Elvis does the same! The exact moment Elvis raises a note, so does Matt. There is nothing that can compare to Matt Stone The Prince Of Rock n Roll!” – Antonio Amico