Rock ‘n’ Roll Party!

“Ladies and gentlemen… Only one question Remains:



Differing from Matt Stone’s Elvis Tribute Show, in the “Rock ‘n’ Roll Party,” Matt steps out of the Elvis character, and into his own, channeling his inner Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, Dion, and Little Richard!

In the mid 1950s, America exploded with an atomic new sound! It was new, it was different, nobody had ever heard anything like it! The new sound was so powerful people were afraid of it… they called it the devil’s music.

So if you’re gonna sing it, you better sing it wild.

Fast-forward more than sixty years, Matt Stone is singing that great music wilder than ever! From swingin’ that guitar, to shaking those Elvis legs, Matt Stone captivates all audiences with his jaw-dropping performance, bringing back old memories and making new ones!

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